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23/03/2020 News

COVID-19: Total staps up to support careworkers and medical staff

The Total group has given hospitals and EHPAD (French Residential Care for Senior Citizens) gasoline coupons for a total amount of 50 million euros, to be used in its 3,500 service stations in France. The Group’s gesture is one of solidarity with these establishments that are going through a critical period.

In agreement with the French National Health Authorities, the donation is exclusively for use by public or private hospitals and EHPAD with intensive care units, on the front line in the combat against the COVID-19 virus. Their Managing Directors can contact us on 01 84 94 84 00 or write to [email protected] to apply for donations to meet their needs.

Patrick Pouyanné, Total’s Chairman and CEO, commented on the initiative: "In this crisis period, the teams at Total are constantly mobilized to help the French population make all their necessary journeys. Total is present throughout the region and shares the daily lives of those who are dedicated to fighting the epidemic. This is why the Group wanted to give a tangible expression of its support to the medical staff and careworkers mobilized to care for victims of the virus."

The Total Foundation is also going to levy five million euros for the Institut Pasteur, hospital associations and health associations involved in the fight against COVID-19.

In Pau, a team of around ten employees from the CSTJF created a network of people who own 3D printing equipment to start manufacturing face shields. After initial discussions with health professionals to assess requirements, production began and the first set of one hundred masks was donated locally.