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10/10/2020 News

“From here, it doesn’t seem that far”, a project backed by Total inaugurated at the Pau Indoor Market.

On October 10, 2020, Jean Lacoste, Deputy Councilor for the City of Pau in charge of Culture and Thierry Renard, Head of the Total Pau Site, inaugurated the exhibition: From here, it doesn’t seem that far.

Affiche Expositions - D'ici ça ne paraît pas si loin


Joël Peyrou and Olivier Panier des Touches from the group of photographers “Lesassociés” were also present, alongside representatives of the André Labarrère multimedia library. Because of the current health crisis, only a small number of participants attended the event, but this was sufficient to give a reminder of Total’s commitment to culture, crucial for the life of the territories.

Thierry Renard gave a speech in the name of the Total Foundation and praised the quality of the work presented. Based on his own experience, he spoke of the mobility of the employees belonging our international Group: “Many of us have become citizens of the world owing to our successive assignments in different countries. It’s a real opportunity to be able to leave on expat together as a family and drink in different cultures. This often leads to the question: “What does being from here mean?”

This is the question that the five photographers focused on from 2015 to 2019, by traveling the Nouvelle Aquitaine region, its natural environments and a few of its conurbations, including Pau and Mourenx. So, what did they come up with? An exhibition, a scenography in a public space, a short film and book that offer a rounded and intimate portrait of a French region in the age of Europe and globalization.

The project was supported by the Total Foundation because culture is a factor of vitality and appeal for the regions. “Having the ambition to become the responsible energy major also means being proactively involved in local actions that contribute to the development of the areas where Total is located. Knowing what the needs of regional players are is crucial if we are to strengthen social cohesion, encourage the development of cultural and sports events, and catalyze the economy – factors that all contribute to the appeal of the local region” explained Thierry Renard.

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Total and culture

In all of our host regions, the heritage of past generations is a precious asset that unites communities, affirms their identity, and structures their future.

To achieve our aim of showcasing the fertile, diverse, and vibrant cultural traditions in our host regions, we take concerted action with the following three priorities in mind:

  • Preserving and promoting architectural and cultural heritage, through restoration projects (in close collaboration with the Heritage Foundation) and exhibitions. As is the case for this project.
  • Supporting young artists and the emergence of innovative, inclusive art projects.
  • Facilitating access to cultural activities and arts education for socially vulnerable young people.

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