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10/07/2021 News

Heritage restoration in the Béarn region and the Basque Country

The conservation and transmission of architectural and cultural heritage is one of the main focuses of the TotalEnergies Foundation in its key priority area, “Cultural Dialogue and Heritage”. Since 2006, it has been supporting the French Heritage Foundation in its mission to restore French heritage. At the heart of the departments, close to the sites where it is established, TotalEnergies has supported more than 200 national or local restoration projects, including towers, mills, castles, theaters and more.

By providing funding, our main aim is to support restoration works in aid of a socio-cultural and economic momentum, with a particular focus on projects whose second life opens up initiatives for young people. For that matter, the aspects of integration, training, apprenticeship, know-how transmission and access to autonomy and employment are crucial in the choice of restoration projects. The goal of the built heritage renovation/restoration projects is to be inclusive and integrate and train young people isolated from the employment market.

Locally, the CSTJF team has developed relationships of trust with the local and regional committees of the French Heritage Foundation.

A journey through the Pyrénées Atlantiques

What do you say to taking a journey through our department to discover some examples of heritage restored thanks to our support?

Héritage réhabilité dans les Pyrénées-Atlantiques

And take a look at all the projects, completed or in progress, on the map of Southwest France: HERE