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The CSTJF’s Fluids and Organic Geochemistry department offers a full range of services, from high-precision analyses to their detailed interpretation.


Its unique laboratory, designed in-house, harnesses highly advanced technologies with its own patented equipment. And because it has been able to diversify its measuring techniques and improve the quality of the results, it can now better assess fluid properties and source-rock potential (a source rock is a sedimentary rock rich in organic matter that can be transformed into hydrocarbons).

Ideally positioned and equipped to meet some of the major technical challenges of the oil and gas industry, our laboratory is staffed by a team of experts who work in compliance with the most stringent safety and quality standards.

Our expertise covers five key activities:

  • On-site sampling of hydrocarbon fluids.
  • Composition and isotopic analysis of oil, gas and source-rock samples.
  • Rock and source-rock characterization.
  • Characterization of reservoir fluid behavior and thermophysical properties of oil and gas samples.
  • Analysis at sites with limited access using specialized portable laboratory equipment: Pressure Volume Temperature (PVT), allocation of production, gas chromatography.