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The CSTJF houses laboratories specializing in petrophysics and complex recovery mechanisms, including Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). Their goal: to provide reliable laboratory results, ultra-precise interpretation and expert recommendations.


Third-party companies, operating companies, subsidiaries, R&D and Exploration departments are among the “customers” of our laboratories. Their business model? Differentiate themselves from external laboratories by providing data and information subject to audits and exceptional quality control. Researchers use proprietary "in-house" experimentation techniques to improve understanding of physicochemical mechanisms and optimize experimental modeling, including:

  • monitoring by 2D & 3D X-ray imaging of three-phase scanning tests on rock samples
  • monitoring of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) fluid displacement tests
  • fluid monitoring under surface and reservoir conditions (650 bars and 150 ° C)
  • ultra-fast measurements of resistivity indices (capacity to oppose the flow of electric current) and capillary pressure (pressure difference between the two sides of a curved interface separating two fluid media)
  • permeability measurements (ability of a porous medium to be passed through by a fluid) in nanoporous rocks (Step Decay method)
  • saturation measurements in unconventional rocks (MRsat and thermogravimetry)
  • digital rock physics: microtomography and micromodels


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