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The R&D Department in Pau and Lacq: 220 researchers, 2,200 patents

Find and produce tomorrow’s oil & gas resources to provide safe, clean and affordable energy to as many people as possible.

The challenges are huge, as is the determination of our researchers in Pau and Lacq (Platform for Experimental Research in Lacq - PERL) to overcome them.

The technological progress made by our R&D is proof of this. This performance fuels our ambition to become the responsible energy major. Another objective is to anticipate future disruptive technologies in order to seize the development opportunities brought about by the evolution of the energy mix.

Our R&D teams work in a stimulating environment with access to the best competencies and infrastructures. They nurture high-level external partnerships that help us achieve excellence in our activities and to rise to the challenges of a responsible energy future.


Major innovations developed at the CSTJF and PERL

The nerve center of TotalEnergies’ R&D is at the Jean Féger Scientific and Technical Center (CSTJF). This center of technological excellence that ranks among the very best in the oil & gas world comprises the scientific expertise and study resources of TotalEnergies’ Exploration & Production (E&P) branch.

A real integrated competency hub, the CSTJF hosts 300 experts, engineers and researchers who all have the same objective: to produce hydrocarbons at the best possible cost and in the best possible fashion. They spend all their time improving current techniques and designing new, revolutionary technologies. Day after day, they devise and develop innovations. They introduce new methods to preserve and protect the environment, and to ensure the safety of people and the installations.

In addition to these areas of expertise, the CSTJF hosts six specialized R&D laboratories that work on emerging strategic subjects such as nanotechnologies, artificial intelligence and robotics.



BIOMEM: hydrocarbon-eating bacteria

The BIOMEM solution is based on a biological treatment that uses micro-organisms to eliminate toxins from produced water.

TotalEnergies Biomem