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Safety is a fundamental value at Total and the cornerstone of our entire strategy. At the CSTJF and PERL, and around the world, we are deploying innovative measures to : 

  • Ensure safety in the workplace;
  • Preventing major accidents; 
  • Consolidate feedback from the field and learn from it. 



Total's operational excellence and performance are based on the ability to operate safely, reliably and responsibly in all areas. Safety is a cross-functional value that extends to all of our activities, including every workstation, processes, transportation and facilities. It is anchored in our processes and guides our daily actions. At each site, we are working to ensure that it is a value shared by employees, partners, service providers and all stakeholders. 
We identify risks, anticipate, monitor, take action and continuously improve our safety performance, in particular by developing advanced technologies. These are the commitments and actions that our employees and partner companies take on a daily basis to achieve Total's strong objective of “zero fatalities”.

The Golden Rules - "For me, for you, for everyone”

As a core value of Total, the safety of our employees and stakeholders working at our sites must enable everyone to go home in good health. The Golden Rules, drawn up by Total on the basis of very concrete feedback, give everyone the means to ensure their own safety and that of their colleagues by complying with the prohibitions and obligations that apply to everyone in the company, whether they are employees of Total or of partner companies. Everyone must comply with them, and particular care must be taken to ensure that employees of service providers who occasionally work at our sites do so.

Thierry Renard Chef d’Etablissement


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Safety for all day in and day out 

At the CSTJF and PERL, the H3SEQ (Health, Safety, Security, Environment, Quality) businesses play a key role. They are present at all stages of the Exploration-Production chain to prevent risks and reduce the impact of our activities on our employees, the local population and the environment. 

  • The task assigned to the industrial health and safety teams is to contribute to the reduction of major accidents on production sites and in land, sea and air transport. They draw up plans and rules and ensure that they are applied, while developing a spirit of prevention necessary for optimal working conditions. 
  • The Safety teams are in charge of safeguarding property and people and preventing possible malicious acts: monitoring and access to sites...  
  • The Quality functions are responsible for coordinating and monitoring the application of the quality policy at the company's operating sites. Their mission is to provide quality expertise and conduct audits to encourage all employees to adopt the quality policy.  
  • The Environment is undoubtedly one of the most exemplary and ambitious areas. There is not a single site or facility project that does not pass through the hands of the teams responsible for implementing the company's environmental policy, with the aim of combating pollution or reducing its effects.

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