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20/01/2021 News

Our region resplendent in the Section's 2021 calendar

The players of the Top 14 rugby club reveal their favorite places! Discover the secrets of a project managed locally.

  • Since 2008, the Pau rugby club and its major partner TotalEnergies have worked hand in hand to produce the Section’s very own calendar.
  • The project, coordinated locally from design to delivery by a social enterprise, was entrusted to a young man hired under a professional training contract.
  • The CSTJF and the PERL are committed to professional integration; it is an act of social and economic responsibility for the region.

A local theme and production

To propose something new every year, each issue is based on a different theme. This year, the objective was to showcase our local environment from the point of view of the players. “The beauty of our Béarn region was the theme chosen for the 2021 calendar project,” explains Nathan, working under a professional training contract at the CSTJF. We asked the players to share their favorite place with us, their little corner of paradise, so that it would feature as a beautiful photo in the calendar.” Effectively, whether they were born and raised in the Béarn or come from faraway places, it is important for them to be invested in the region where they chose to settle with their families. By knowing and appreciating their supporters’ region, they can become its ambassadors. And that's what the 2021 calendar is all about.


As project manager, Nathan worked with different people at different stages in the process, the imperative being to deliver the calendar at the beginning of 2021. “I was in charge of liaising between the Communication team of the Section Paloise Béarn Pyrénées, our in-house graphic designer at the CSTJF and my tutors. There was a lot of toing and froing... but the important thing is that we achieved a great result that we’re all happy with, and I hope everyone who receives it will like it too. The 3,000 issues were printed locally at IPAdour, then the postage and shipping were entrusted to STEP” specifies Nathan. STEP and TotalEnergies go back a long way and have been working side by side ever since this “singular enterprise”, as it likes to define itself, started out. It draws on economic activities to “perform a mission of social cohesion, i.e. integrating people faced with employment difficulties.”

Nathan considers it an achievement and valuable experience to have succeeded in managing the differences in points of view on this type of project: “Everyone gave their ideas, we had to make choices collectively; the deadlines were respected, and the calendars were sent out early on in the year.” Among the recipients of the calendar are all TotalEnergies’ affiliates worldwide. Through this calendar, the Section and the Béarn will be traveling the world!


A rewarding experience

Like Celia and roughly 200 other young graduates at the CSTJF and the PERL, Nathan was hired on a professional training contract, an opportunity for young professionals to acquire skills on the job and develop their key competencies. He is employed by TotalEnergies for 12 months and fully integrated into the CSTJF and South-West Communication team. The system includes a training program during his working hours that is complementary to the Master’s degree he obtained at the INSEEC of Bordeaux.  

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