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15/12/2021 News

Energy Landscape: TotalEnergies’ contribution to dialogue on the energy transition

Written in collaboration with Capgemini and Colette Lewiner, an expert on energy issues, Energy Landscape aims to provide an overview of the world energy system in 2021, to shed light on the current energy transition. It uses an instructive approach to present factual information on energy supply and demand, and key characteristics for comparing different forms of energy. The document also presents the technological advances already achieved, and those to come.
Energy Landscape equally addresses climate change issues and how we need to move forward to ensure an energy mix that is affordable, reliable and as low-carbon as possible, to curb global warming – a challenge that concerns us all.

The work endeavors to help people understand the short- and long-term challenges related to energy production and consumption, and to GHG emissions. Securing the energy supply required to ensure the wellbeing of populations while preserving our Planet is no mean feat. The facts are that:

  • A supply of available, reliable and clean energies, at affordable prices, is essential to the wellbeing of populations.
  • No energy is ideal, which is why we need to think in terms of an energy and electricity mix.
  • Progress in science and technology, as well as societal changes, are transforming the way we use energies, and the selection of those best suited to  new uses.
  • Climate concerns are of increasing importance to consumers.
  • Improving energy efficiency, essentially in developing, but also in developed countries, is a challenge that needs to be tackled.
  • GHG emissions continue to increase to an extent that is incompatible with the Paris Agreement objectives, and it is now urgent that we do everything we can to reduce them, and get back on track with a strategy designed to keep the rise in the Earth’s temperature as low as possible.
  • We all have a role to play: Nations, local councils, cities, companies and citizens.   

We hope that this work will enable its readers to understand the key issues underlying all these questions. The document is published for information purposes and its authors have endeavored to provide a summarized report of the main energy challenges. They do not, however, claim that all the existing sources in terms of energy and scientific data on climate change are exhaustive.

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Colette Lewiner is one of the major names in the energy sector in France.

Capgemini is a world leader in consulting, the digital transformation, technological services and engineering. At the cutting edge of innovation, the Group helps its clients to take full advantage of the many opportunities offered by the cloud, digital technologies and platforms.