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The Sismage-CIG platform based at the CSTJF centralizes a comprehensive range of tools used in geophysical interpreting, geological and reservoir modeling and subsurface analysis, among others. It is used by TotalEnergies’ geoscience and reservoir engineers to "interpret the invisible".

"Sismage-CIG is the toolbox used by our geoscience and reservoir engineers to analyze subsurface data, interpret it, and then model it as a consistent set. Sismage-CIG produces quality studies to deepen our understanding of oil & gas reservoirs and fields. The interesting part about working in a team like Sismage is the cross-functional aspect. Our tools can be adapted to tackle issues outside the Oil & Gas sector, such as the installation of offshore wind turbines, or the geological storage of CO₂."

Eric Tawilé,
Sismage-CIG Program Manager – Centre Scientifique et Technique Jean Feger – CSTJF Pau


Defining the best production scenarios

Thanks to the tools proposed by Sismage-CIG, owned by TotalEnergies, teams can optimize well locations, choose the best production scenarios and guarantee their profitability. Centralizing all the data in a single work space makes work easier for the teams. The geosciences and reservoir business lines can easily transfer results from one tool to another, create new hypotheses, etc. and the shared environment ramps up the quality of integrated studies done by our geoscience and reservoir engineers, which is decisive for characterizing increasingly complex geological environments.


The advantages of a wide range of integrated tools

The chain of geophysical interpretation tools, analysis tools, geological and reservoir modeling tools and uncertainty modeling tools are all incorporated in the same platform. A centralized solution that has many advantages:

  • Easy transfer of results from one tool to another. A synergy that would be impossible using off-the-shelf modeling software.
  • The possibility of easily replaying and updating all the steps, if new data or hypotheses come to light.
  • Breaking down borders between the geosciences and reservoir business lines, which is a real lever for the optimization and quality of our interpretations and modeling workflows.
  • The possibility of enhancing (without license constraints) the chain via TotalEnergies R&D innovations to rapidly adapt the tools to user requirements and propose customized solutions to guarantee higher quality, more efficient and faster operations.


"The interdisciplinary integration objective of Sismage-CIG ensures the smooth transfer of results and provides a comprehensive overview consistent with all the data describing the geological environment studied. That’s what TotalEnergies intends for its in-house software in order to guarantee the reliability and quality of our studies".

Laurent Bergamo,
Interpreting and geomodeling Lead in the Sismage-CIG program – Centre Scientifique et Technique Jean Feger – CSTJF Pau

TotalEnergies SISMAGE-CIG