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“The Total group in Béarn has strong, historic connections with the CSTJF and the city of Pau.  Renewed for more than thirty years, the sports sponsorship partnerships with the Section Paloise Béarn Pyrénées and the ASAC Basco-Béarnais for the Pau Grand Prix are perfect proof of this. Through its long-term commitment to professional and amateur sport, Total contributes to the influence and attractiveness of the region.”

TotalEnergies and the Section: over 30 years of loyalty!

Since 1986, rugby and the Paloise Béarn Pyrénées Section have held a privileged position in TotalEnergies' sponsorship strategy in France.

A passion for high-performance cars

TotalEnergies is the leading partner of the Pau Grand Prix (GPP), an amazing sports and entertainment event that is extremely popular with the local population. It is accessible to everyone, both novices and enthusiasts, with affordable tariffs and entertainment to suit all age groups. TotalEnergies is a historical partner in the world of motor racing and is proud to sponsor the oldest city race in France.

The Group has been involved in motor sports for over 50 years now. Its involvement in the most prestigious international competitions is an opportunity to test the fuels and lubricants formulated by TotalEnergies research teams in the most extreme conditions of use. Providing performance, quality and reliability, they contribute to the success of many partners in motor racing. The high-tech, high-performance, energy-efficient products are developed for car racing teams and for all consumers when they are brought to the market. We are investing in the energy of the future.

The Grand Prix de Pau, competitions, excitement and entertainment

Every year for over thirty years, TotalEnergies has been present for the city of Pau and the ASAC Basco-Béarnais to support the Grand Prix. The sponsorship means that the organizers can assemble a prestigious starting grid, and the teams at the CSTJF are guaranteed a high-quality reception area. The Group’s VIP hospitality area, ideally located in the GPP paddock, means that TotalEnergies can receive its institutional, business and association partners in the best possible conditions, and give our employees an unforgettable experience. For every Grand Prix, TotalEnergies also hands out over one hundred passes to beneficiaries of local partner associations.

The Pau Grand Prix comprises two meetings held on two different weekends. The second weekend is dedicated to the vintage Grand Prix.

Women, sport and health in the limelight

Total has been sponsoring the ladies’ race since 2012: The Féminine de Pau.

Beyond the sponsorship given to support the organizers, the CSTJF also registers female employees in the company challenge free of charge.

Since its first participation in the race, our team has won the shield eight times in the category for over 400 employees. Whether they walk or run the race, the women in the company teams represent our values of mutual support and togetherness.

Before the race, competitors are invited to participate in a warm-up session led by a coach, followed by a healthy cocktail made with local and seasonal products.

Every year, the organizers donate part of the competitors’ registration fee to a cystic fibrosis research organization. Naturally it’s not winning that counts, it’s taking part. We are proud of our team and of our contribution to the race. There are two Féminine de Pau races every year, and over 4,000 women participate in the event where emotions run high! Find out more.