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01/07/2024 News

TotalEnergies backs women’s sports

The Company has been committed to this race since its first edition, and once again partnered the Women's Cycling Tour of the Pyrenees (TFIP) for its third edition, to contribute to the aim of making the cycling challenge a major event in the international calendar of women’s sports.

"We’re not here by chance" explains Jérôme Poncet, Head of the TotalEnergies Site in Pau, who came to one of the stages in person to award the jersey for the "Best Young Rider". "This sports challenge reflects our involvement in professional cycling, with the TotalEnergies Pro Cycling team, whom we’ll see very soon in the stages of the Tour de France. But ramping up our involvement in a sports challenge in our region, which we know and love, is not the only issue at stake. Last year, we signed a partnership agreement with Lons Section Paloise Women’s Rugby Club, and our commitment to the TFIP is for the same reason, i.e. a desire to contribute to promoting women’s professional sports."

The difficult stages in the Women's Cycling Tour of the Pyrenees are excellent training for the future dates in the cycling calendar, such as the national championships, the women’s Giro at the beginning of July and the women’s Tour de France in mid-August. More than enough motivation to encourage rising stars to turn professional.

TotalEnergies chose to award the jersey for the "Best Young Rider", as youth is a priority for the Company for many reasons, the main one being that young people are one of the keys to a successful energy transition. For each of the three stages, a key figure from TotalEnergies came to congratulate the best young rider in the rankings. In addition to Jérôme Poncet, Catherine Javaux, Vice President R&D Upstream Line, and Catherine Leroi, Head of the Platform for Experimental Research in Lacq, were delighted with the opportunity and very proud to be stakeholders in this major event that combines solidarity, courage and humility. Backing women’s sport is an investment in equality, health, emancipation, leadership and inspiration, in particular by putting its athletes center stage.

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