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Catherine Leroi, General Manager of the PERLFor over 50 years now the Platform for Experimental Research in Lacq (PERL) has been developing internationally acclaimed scientific expertise.
Its three hubs of expertise – Environment & Sustainable Development, Gas Separation & Treatment, Physical-Chemistry & Analyses – take research to another level in critical sectors for TotalEnergies: 

  • Reducing the environmental footprint of industrial activities.
  • Gas separation, including CO2 capture.
  • The physical-chemistry of interactions among hydrocarbons, water and solids.

The platform has three complementary sites - laboratories, pilot rivers and the Lacq pilot platform - which provide the facilities required to run a wide range of projects, from workbench right up to large-scale testing: 

  • The laboratories benefit from the innovative momentum of the Lacq basin and the proximity of the community of researchers from neighboring industrial groups and start-ups.
  • The Pilot Rivers give it access to a test site representative of the Gave de Pau ecosystem, one of the tributaries of the Adour, a river of the Aquitaine basin. 
  • The Lacq Pilot Platform offers a vast space dedicated to supporting business and innovation.  It is used for the deployment and use of customized experimental resources, at the heart of a Seveso-3 industrial environment. The Lacq Pilot Platform is home to TADI (Total Anomaly Detection Initiatives), the only testing infrastructure of its kind in Europe, for the detection and quantification of gas emissions, dedicated to safety (prevention of major accidents) and the environment (reduction of emissions), and a robotics development platform. 

The work done by the PERL provides TotalEnergies with innovative solutions for producing green energies, with the aim of tackling climate change.

Catherine Leroi
General Manager of the PERL

Three areas of expertise