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All over the world, TotalEnergies directs complex drilling operations to discover and produce new gas and hydrocarbon reservoirs. The Company is currently banking on digital technologies like the Real Time Support Center (RTSC) to optimize the prospection phase and prevent major risks. At the CSTJF in Pau, a Smart Room RTSC is used for the remote monitoring of drilling operations.

To reach a reservoir, a borehole is drilled using a drilling rig specific to each kind of environment: onshore, offshore and sometimes in very deep water. Technological processes are continually evolving to adapt to the increasingly complex environments: reservoirs buried up to 10,000 m beneath the surface, water depths of up to 3,000 m, high pressure/high temperature environments (1,000 bars/200°C). Each well is unique and data recovery is crucial. Drilling rigs are fitted with hundreds of sensors that collect a huge volume of data throughout the well construction phase. Boreholes can be drilled vertically, but can also be deviated or even horizontal to optimize production. Data from the sensors are sent to the smart room in real time , then stored and made available to users in a collaborative work configuration.


Real-time data analysis

At the CSTJF, expert engineers work together to analyze data, raise the alarm when an operational anomaly is detected, and provide both the affiliates and headquarters with real-time monitoring and technical support. TotalEnergies’ Exploration & Production branch is currently a step ahead when it comes to digitalization and using artificial intelligence. The SmartRoom RTSC is able to predict events using an innovative solution that issues customized recommendations: the DrillX Smart Operations prediction software. The SmartRoom RTSC is a vital solution to ensure that productive wells are drilled fast, in total safety and at an optimized cost.

"The RTSC is home to around fifteen qualified employees who work with the latest digital technologies. It links all our experts at the CSTJF and our operations in the four corners of the world. It’s a second line of defense to support our operational teams and prevent incidents occurring, 24/7".

Benjamin Rohee,
Head of D&W Performance & Real Time Support Center – Centre Scientifique et Technique Jean Feger – CSTJF Pau


First and foremost, the RTSC provides:

  • Heightened safety;
  • A continuous vision of well performance thanks to reliable data, updated in real time;
  • A continuous improvement culture that is nurtured and essential to the industry;
  • Responsiveness and improved decision making to minimize impacts on production;
  • Data that can be capitalized on by the artificial intelligence solutions in our DrillX program.


Real Time Support Center (FR)