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01/07/2021 News

A life project with L’Industreet

“The recruitment process for L’Industreet students is innovative and adapted to its target audience. Our candidates don’t need to send us a résumé to apply... We want to encourage other values like motivation and avoid any kind of discrimination in the recruitment process" explains Ricardo Vadeleux, Sourcing and Advisor Relations at L’Industreet. In Stains, Seine Saint Denis (France), he welcomed a delegation from Pau, who had come to find out more about the TotalEnergies industry of the future school, to promote it in South West France.

“The different steps in the recruitment process were designed such that each person has an opportunity to prove his/her motivation and desire to come and study on campus. The springboard to the registration process is a professions quiz, to help young people form an initial idea of the professions they could train in and project themselves into a possible future” he adds. It was particularly important to collect information on the recruitment process, given that the completely free training course is accessible to anyone who has simply not found their place in the standard education system, aged 18 - 25 years old, with or without qualifications, and coming from anywhere in France.

A real life project

Created and financed by the TotalEnergies Foundation, L’Industreet, the campus for new industrial professions, opened its doors at the end of 2020. The innovative teaching approach offers an educational program combining theory, technical knowledge and immersive professional experience, as well as the acquisition of the know-how required to integrate the professional environment. The pathways are personalized, which gives young people the opportunity to integrate L’Industreet at any time of the year. On completion of their training, the aim is for each student to find a job in industry, continue their studies, or embark on an entrepreneurship project. The young people who will have come from South West France to study for 10 to 18 months to obtain their qualification, will be able to go back to their home region with a real-life project.

In addition to the fruitful discussions stemming from initial feedback and the means envisaged to publicize L’Industreet in the other regions of France, visiting the campus was the opportunity to feel the studious and relaxed atmosphere that pervades there. With 11,000 m2 of wooden buildings dedicated to learning, the campus is a real living area: a versatile hall, co-working spaces, areas for practical lessons, workshops and a student residence, as well as sports facilities and equipment.

Discover L’Industreet in this video, more than a campus, a superb living area in the Ile de France, in the heart of Greater Paris.

Essential cross-functional skills

Being a learner at L’Industreet also means developing cross-functional skills during training, such as societal, citizenship and behavioral skills. Through sports, culture or solidarity commitment activities, they learn about know-how and behavioral skills that are crucial to their future.

The civic commitment gives students the opportunity to give their time and energy to serve the general interest by getting involved in local life, so that everyone can live better together. During the preparatory period, a half-day per week is given over to this commitment when students give their time to an association. This module can also be completed by setting up solidarity projects. Building projects helps them make links between the different knowledge areas. Students develop their autonomy, their creativity and collective cooperation and intelligence skills.

At the CSTJF, the team that serves as a relay for the TotalEnergies Foundation program on the Youth Inclusion and Education priority area, is going to mobilize the local ecosystem once again to foster an effective liaison. The objective? Young people from Pau, Béarn, South West France, trained in Stains for a real-life project.

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