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Sponsorship for young people

Education & Inclusion for socially vulnerable young people

At TotalEnergies, initiatives in the sectors of career management, training, and professional inclusion are part of the “creating partnerships” momentum, which is essential in social and solidarity economics. Young people are the common thread that underpins our commitment: We firmly believe that they are both the future of the territories and the key to making them thrive. One of the ways to help young people reveal their talents, take their future into their own hands, and play a structuring role within society, is to support the innovative projects of our local partners. That’s why we endeavor to work as closely as possible with the players in our territories by answering the requests that are put to us, going out to meet the different populations, and proposing initiatives such as our call for projects.

Local sponsorship, our principles:

Throughout the year, the TotalEnergies site in Pau supports general interest projects and initiatives borne by local structures eligible for sponsorship. To be eligible for sponsorship according to French tax law, structures must engage in at least one of the general interest sectors in France, be managed impartially, have a non-profit making aim, and not operate for the benefit of a restricted circle of individuals. According to the French general tax code, "public benefit works or organizations having philanthropic, educational, scientific, social, humanitarian, sporting, family and cultural activities, as well as activities aimed at the promotion of artistic heritage, the promotion of the defense of the environment, and the promotion of French culture, language, and scientific knowledge" are considered as being of general interest.

The projects selected by the team in charge of sponsorship at the TotalEnergies site in Pau, focus essentially on young people in vulnerable situations and, more specifically, impactful actions that aim to develop young peoples’ (12-25 year-olds) self-confidence and ability to act, to support them in the informed construction of their future.  The focus is trained on the four priority areas of TotalEnergies Foundation: Road safety, Cultural Dialogue and Heritage, Climate, Coastal Areas and Oceans and Education & Inclusion, with particular emphasis on the final area.

Against this backdrop, our approach, together with society, is to identify and support original initiatives to:

  • Develop career choices for young people: support successful schooling and personal development, because self-confidence and a sound command of socio-professional codes are springboards for young people’s entry into the labor market.
  • Encourage access to general and professional training, in particular in the industry.
  • Facilitate inclusion and access to the professional world, in particular by supporting entrepreneurship and social innovation.

Whatever the sector of activity, the following criteria will be considered when shortlisting all the projects proposed for possible sponsorship: The innovative aspect and the targeted social impact, the possible synergies with other local structures and the quality of the partnerships envisaged with TotalEnergies and its teams.

We do not provide support for:

  • Projects for events (trade fairs, festivals, shows, etc.).
  • Projects of a religious, denominational, or political nature.
  • Business creation.
  • Sponsoring.
  • Individual/personal projects.
  • Completed projects.
  • Projects proposed by associations that already have sponsorship agreements with TotalEnergies Foundation.