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03/01/2022 News

Energies made easy on Planète Energies

Since 2005, through Planète énergies, our Company has been providing a wealth of free and open-access resources on the website in French and in English. What’s the editorial take? It’s very clear: education, which implies reliability and a neutral stance. It’s aninitiative from the TotalEnergies Foundation which contributes to ensuring that everyone has access to equitable, free and quality education.   

Transportation, industry, urbanization, environment, etc. Energy is at the heart of many challenges for the future. Using Planète Energies, young people, their teachers, and anyone else who is eager to learn, can come and find out more about energy, the scientific basics and the challenges for society, as well as learn how they can take action at their own personal level. The system also proposes a series of training courses. 

Classroom-based training and new features

In the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, no fewer than 11 training sessions were organized in 2021, eight of which were led by TotalEnergies employees who shared their time and knowledge by giving quality training on expert themes. The format and content of the training courses was well received by participants, among both the students: “We now know more about sustainable development  and how to make the difference between fossil and renewable energies” says Margaux, “The videos used were really well done and very clear. They were easy to understand” says Peyo, and the teachers: “A really comprehensive course with accurate information and plenty of detail. A fascinating presentation in which the students were frequently involved” enthuses Aurélie Chabrol, a SVT (Earth sciences and life) teacher at the Jeanne d’Albret middle school in Pau. 

Feelings shared by participating employees from TotalEnergies: “The session went really well; with the wealth of tools available, it was easy to hold the students’ attention and bring them in to the discussion. They were also very happy to be able to look at the samples close up” explains Anahita Abadpour, Assistant History Matching Specialist. “Events like this are always wonderful opportunities to meet future generations and raise their awareness of energy issues. The class was very attentive and all the pupils were eager to take part in the discussions.” Emmanuel Mugnier, Learning Manager was pleased to tell us. 

As for new features, in the theme of the “City of the future” for 11-14 year-olds, new infographics on eco-districts were put online on January 03, 2022 to help young people understand how these more sustainable urban areas work and what makes them more pleasant places to live. The world population will reach between 9 and 10 billion by 2050. The challenges we are facing include air pollution, the unavailability of certain energy resources, water supply and waste treatment. 



In Pau, an eco-district is taking shape 

The urban renovation project in the quartier Saragosse is part of a desire to breathe new life into an area of the city “known for its urban and social difficulties”. It includes constructions labeled “Buildings of the Future” owing to their high environmental performance and different facilities to contribute to reinforcing social integration and equal opportunities for all. 

The Lacq Odyssée association will play a major role in the initiative, as it is creating a center dedicated to sciences in the district, with support from the TotalEnergies Foundation: Science Odyssée Pau. In 2021, the Third Place project won over the jury of the second call for partners owing to its quality program designed for schoolgoers and the general public.