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18/07/2023 News

Pau: over 100 student jobs at TotalEnergies

  • Every year the TotalEnergies Site in Pau gives young people the opportunity to find a summer job.
  • Of the 105 summer jobs for 2023, 14 young people from the Local Mission were selected after a job dating session.
  • On completion of their assignment, all the students will have coaching workshops to help them prepare interviews, write cover letters,  a résumé, etc.

When the academic year finishes for summer, some young people start to look for a summer job. On the Pau and Lacq sites, TotalEnergies opens summer job opportunities for students, to help them finance their studies or personal projects.

Sometimes, it’s their first professional experience through which they can find out about the world of work and its codes, and also develop their soft skills such as dynamism, adaptability and independence.

In addition to the induction and kind support from TotalEnergies teams, the employment agency Adecco organizes résumé coaching workshops for the students. A real advantage to help them promote their experience in an international, multi-energy company, and a springboard to help them enter the world of work. 


Employment is the aim for young people in our region

Grégory Gorchs, Project manager - Corporate relations and Sponsorship networks at the Pau-Pyrénées Local Mission for Young people (MLJ) attended one of the coaching workshops.  They are a supplement to help the personal development of the young people from the local structure, as the applicants have already had personal support. "Some of these young people need social support but, with most of them, we work mainly on their professional projects. That’s our mission” he explains.  The core purpose of the MLJ is socio-professional support for young people under 26. “Some of them may have dropped out of school, while others have just completed their studies.” We’re there to help them. We have a corporate service that collates and publishes job vacancies. To propose suitable applicants, we work with the young people upstream, in particular on career choices, so that there is a correlation between the employer’s expectations and the young person’s project. We may also redirect them to further training but, as is often the case in professional training, they need to find an internship in a company!"

The MLJ representative adds that he really appreciated the preparation time with the TotalEnergies team in charge of recruitment: "Everything was clear, and I truly felt that the process was people-focused. One of the young people selected is in 9th grade. It’s great because that doesn’t necessarily happen in all companies, and sometimes just as a matter of principle."

Emmanuelle Bouvin is the person behind the scenes for recruitment when it comes to summer jobs, and oversees all the areas involving students, such as internships, work-study contracts, doctoral theses, etc. at TotalEnergies: “We drive the TotalEnergies summer jobs campaign with ADECCO, who deals with the recruitment and work contract side of things. The MLJ really wanted to put forward candidates who had received support and gone through an initial selection process. Gregory Gorchs gave a lot of his time to prepare this cohort of candidates for summer jobs in 2023. We had already taken on four young people from the MLJ last year and a further 10 this year! I think that co-constructing the operation in close collaboration was decisive. We are developing a partnership that could go beyond just these summer jobs,” she explains. 

The 105 candidates divided over the three summer months are employees’ children, or students over 18 from outside the company, or students who have never had a contract with TotalEnergies and are available for the entire period of the selected session. Students are offered a wide range of assignments, in particular in communication, information systems, safety, geosciences, intellectual property, and assistantship.