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16/11/2022 News

On the road to the Rugby World Cup in Pau

  • The Rugby World Cup 2023 France and TotalEnergies, an official sponsor, share the ambition of placing social responsibility, inclusion and sustainable development at the heart of their strategies.
  • The operation "Inside the World Cup Conferences: on the road to the Rugby World Cup 2023 France" proposes nine conferences on nine TotalEnergies sites for nine months until the start of the competition.
  • Pau and the personnel at the CSTJF and the PERL are kicking off the cycle by welcoming Sébastien Piqueronies on the topic: Emergence of a generation of winners.

TotalEnergies wants to celebrate its Rugby World Cup partnership with all its employees worldwide. For the very first conference in the series “Inside the World Cup” , the CSTJF, the Company’s historical anchor point in South West France, was chosen to welcome Sébastien Piqueronies. It’s in his role as former manager of all the French youth rugby teams, particularly the U20s (under-20 players), two times world champions in 2018 and 2019, that he gave his speech. As the man behind the training for the promising new French generation, he was able to draw on his experience, talking about the work and values behind these successes, how a team is created and the importance of living together as a group.

Celebrating a partnership centered on shared values

Many aspects of the sporting and business worlds coincide, and this operation is an opportunity to bring them closer together. The many employees present on site and connected worldwide (broadcast in French and English) were thrilled to have privileged access to unique, behind-the-scenes information on this global event.

Sébastien Piqueronies explained to an attentive audience what went into building the foundations of France’s current rugby team: "It’s all a question of mindset. I believe in the power of intention, it’s an important mental approach to winning (...). Each team member has his own needs for personal fulfillment and must also share a goal with the others." The manager must take this into account, contribute to an equilibrium, such that the player’s self-fulfillment benefits the achievement of a collective endeavor.

The conference ended with discussions with the audience in the room and the employees on line. "It’s a huge privilege to accompany a major global competition, which will be followed and supported. It means going down in history, as our French players deserve to win the rugby world cup. It’s set to be a superb celebration, fervently followed by many countries. What a great idea to be a partner!" Sébastien Piqueronnies concluded.

The Company TotalEnergies is proud and happy to celebrate its partnership with the Rugby World Cup 2023 France through CSR topics and genuine values that it shares with the world of rugby.