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21/01/2023 News

A series of "Sud-Ouest" articles: discovering TotalEnergies in the Béarn region

  • TotalEnergies has shared a longstanding human and industrial history with the Béarn region for the past 70 years.
  • The innovations and expert teams of the Pau Site play a key role in the shift toward the energy transition taken by the Company and promote the region on a global scale.
  • The CSTJF has a crucial economic influence on local life and has strong, close bonds with its environment. It’s in the press.

The TotalEnergies sites in Lacq and Pau are real technological showcases and receive many visits from international delegations. The research centers and new activities in renewable energies are far less well known by the general public. "What is the weight of TotalEnergies in the Béarn region and what influence does it have on our territory?" The newspaper Sud-Ouest gives great importance to featuring local topics, with a national ambition. It is in this context that the paper is proposing a feature to "better understand the local presence of TotalEnergies", through a series of articles to be published throughout 2023.

Rooted in local commitment

The TotalEnergies Pau Site has two first-rate multi-energy centers of excellence: the Jean Féger Scientific and Technical Center – the CSTJF – and the Platform for Experimental Research in Lacq – the PERL. As a leading economic player in local life with more than 2,500 employees, its development has been inextricably linked to that of the Béarn region, since the discovery of the Lacq gas field in 1951. Whether natives of the region or adoptive Béarnais from all over the world, the women and men who work on the Pau Site are passionate experts, always ready to tackle new energy-related technological challenges. Here, the multicultural and multidisciplinary teams benefit from the remarkable quality of life that the Béarn has to offer, between the Pyrenees and the Atlantic Ocean. They also have their heart set on taking action to galvanize the territory by committing to different partnerships and solidarity actions with a positive impact.

Episode 1

For the first episode in the series proposed by the Sud-Ouest editorial board, the employees at the CSTJF opened their departments to the reporters to show them their daily activities at the heart of a first-rate scientific and technical center.


Episode 2



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