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Energy is a source of progress. National development and a better quality of life for populations depends on energy availability. Faced with such crucial challenges, we have to produce the energy the world needs, and produce it sustainably, in particular by providing effective responses to climate change. Working for TotalEnergies means sharing this vision of a responsible energy future built by the people, for the people.

Enjoy an exceptional quality of life in Pau

Welcome to Pau: discover our site and its region

Béarn is the second economic, research & development and innovation hub in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region and it’s an amazing place to live!

Pau landscape

Pau is a people-sized capital and the city and its surrounding area provide a wonderful setting to live, work and play in. Internationally-renowned companies, geoscience and equine excellence hubs, an e-site label university, robust health & education infrastructures and leading sports clubs are just some of the factors contributing to the appeal of the Béarn region, where living and working is pleasant and enjoyable.

Enjoy motivating working conditions

Employees in PPE working on the PPL during the inauguration of the robotic test area.


At TotalEnergies, we believe that collective success is an integral part of the wellbeing of all in the workplace. Whatever the environment in which our employees work, we strive to offer them stimulating working conditions so they can give the best of themselves: safe and pleasant spaces, motivating remuneration, social protection, respect for work/life balance.

Enrich your skills and develop your potential

Employees working with the 3D printer in order to create parts useful to the Group.


We invest in the potential of all our employees because they are the true drivers of our growth and carry our ambitions in every part of the world. Ethics and HSE, technical expertise, languages – we offer them a broad array of training courses to develop their skills throughout their career, enabling them to achieve a high level of operational performance and broaden their professional horizons. This proactive approach, at the heart of the pioneering spirit driving the Group since its creation in 1924, explains why it is today among the top 100 most innovative companies in the world.

Collaborate on game-changing projects in international teams

Pangea III node - part of the supercomputer


Every day, more than 100,000 employees place their expertise at the service of an integrated model covering the entire energy chain: they discover, produce, transform and distribute energy on every continent. Thanks to their unwavering dedication, we have become the fourth major in the Oil & Gas industry and a major player in renewable energies. Joining our Group means contributing to game-changing projects that improve the daily lives of hundreds of millions of people across the globe: converting biomass into fuel, tackling the challenges of deepwater drilling off the coast of Africa, developing merchant solar power in South America and Asia – trail-blazing projects in which you will play an active role.

Contribute to a responsible energy future


Our Group has set itself an ambitious goal: to supply reliable, affordable and clean energy across the globe. Thanks to our new GRP (Gas, Renewables & Power) business we are making the combat against climate change a priority by investing heavily in low-carbon-emission energies such as gas, solar and bioenergy. To drive innovation alongside promising startups, we have also set up "Usine 4.0", the first industrial digital incubator, to support development of more effective and environment-friendly energy production technologies.

Join a group with a unique mindset

The RTSC (Real Time Support Center) Smart Room for drilling operations worldwide.


Our Group has a strong business culture, summed up in its founding values: safety as a priority, respecting each other, a pioneering spirit standing together and a performance-minded approach. These values are embedded in our DNA and mark us out from our competitors. For almost a century, they have allowed us to reconcile boldness with a caring attitude, winning new markets with a partnership-based approach, and an integrated model with diversification. Joining us means identifying with these values and committing to implement and promote them in your everyday working life.

Joining TotalEnergies means contributing to a shared ambition for responsible energy, tackling extraordinary technological challenges in multicultural teams, preserving your work/life balance and more!