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19/05/2021 News

Large scale road safety event for young people

  • Young people are the most frequent victims of road traffic accidents. It’s the main cause of death for 15- to 17-year-olds worldwide. and a real issue that concerns us all.
  • Safety is a key value at TotalEnergies and, as a main player in road safety, our ambition is to share our expertise to reduce the number of victims.
  • In agreement with the Road Safety Association and in collaboration with the team from the school complex in Mourenx, “On the road together”, financed by TotalEnergies Foundation, was set up right at the heart of the complex.

Three days of events to have fun and think about road safety issues

On May 17, 18 & 19, over 350 students from 8th and 9th grade, 10th grade general and 10th grade studying for the Security Agent Certificate of Professional Competence (CAP), attended different workshops and took part in events on road accident prevention, designed to heighten their awareness. A lot of time and effort was invested by the teaching staff and organizers to devise the different activities for students, including game areas and thinking time, using in particular the accounts of road accident victims as a basis for discussion. When the groups arrive, each member is given a “participant’s booklet” and a pen. The booklet includes the key messages for each workshop and a questionnaire to see what participants have learned during the day. The questionnaire pages can be removed from the booklet and handed to teachers to be used as a basis for further awareness-raising and discussions in class.

The village organizers were welcomed by Laurence Ceresuela, Principal of the school complex. François-Xavier Pestel, Academy Inspector, Patrice Laurent, President of the CCLO* and Thierry Renard, Head of the TotalEnergies Site in Pau, representing TotalEnergies and its Foundation, also visited the village. “The purpose of the road safety village is to encourage young people to take a proactive role in their own safety. The workshops are designed to help them understand the risks and change their behavior to make sure they are safe. Our aim is to save lives, reduce the number of road accidents and make young people the future ambassadors of road safety” affirmed Thierry Renard.

“Even if they don’t yet have their driving license, they are still old enough to get around on their own to go to school, attend their sports activities or meet friends,” added the Principal, “and unfortunately, we all know a young person among our friends our family who has been involved in a road accident in some way. This initiative is intended to encourage students to adopt the right road safety attitude as from now, and to spread the word. I would like to thank TotalEnergies Foundation and also the teaching staff and volunteers from TotalEnergies for their dedication in organizing such a unique event, in compliance with the applicable health measures.”

Many groups of students were able to take part in the event in the best possible conditions, thanks to the involvement of employees from the CSTJF and PERL as part of the Action! program The program allocates time for all TotalEnergies employees to take part in a general interest project during their working hours, for up to three days a year. Because every employee is also a citizen who is open to social issues.

The school complex was issued with 2,000 type II surgical masks and fifty 500 ml bottles of hand sanitizer for the organization of the event.