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Learning with Planète Énergies

The aim of Planète Énergies, an initiative of the TotalEnergies Foundation, is to help people better understand the energy transition challenges and raise their awareness of how to consume energy more responsibly.

A program suited to the younger generations, their teachers, their parents, and, in fact, anyone interested in energy issues. Encouraging as many people as possible to learn about energies also means encouraging debate.

More than 500 videos, games, infographics and feature reports are available on the website to allow students from fourth grade to twelfth grade to supplement and revise their lessons or prepare their presentations and exams.

Planète Énergies also has a dedicated space for teachers.

This space provides them with totally free teaching resources to enhance or illustrate their lessons and the possibility to organize conferences in class. These dynamic, interactive conferences last one and half to two hours, including time for questions/answers.
Each year, in the French department of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, employees of the TotalEnergies Pau Site take an active role in giving conferences in schools.

One of the lecturers, Christophe Ressiguie, explains: "I've been a lecturer for the Planète Énergies program from the very beginning and I appreciate the opportunity given to me by the Company to take part in an awareness-raising initiative for young people. I'm particularly sensitive to environmental challenges, to the management of our consumption and the role of energies in our daily lives, which is why I set great store by passing on knowledge and taking about these topics. It has become essential for me to regularly give lectures on these subjects and hold discussions with the students, listening attentively to their questions."

Planète Énergies’ resources are based on school programs and regularly updated. In class, the students discover and study energies in a fun and innovative way.