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05/07/2021 News

TotalEnergies offered summer jobs to some 60 young people

  • Owing to the difficulties students have experienced over the last few months in the unsettled context of the health crisis, TotalEnergies wanted to show them its support.
  • The team in charge of the campaign adapted to the situation, to ensure that the health requirements were expected and that the students could benefit from a month’s job placement on site and by teleworking, in Pau and Lacq.
  • TotalEnergies has the HappyIndex®Trainees label and is committed to offering students innovative and stimulating assignments, including for those on summer placements.

What is TotalEnergies’ commitment? To meet young people’s expectations in terms of employment, offer students from AP to postgraduate level a first professional experience, and give them a helping hand financially, at a time when many student jobs have been withdrawn.

In total, 63 young people will take part in the sessions this summer, between July 05 and September 24, 2021 and 34 of them already completed their induction for the first session at the CSTJF. It’s not been an easy year, and in the unprecedented circumstances, the team responsible for the summer jobs campaign gave the students a very warm welcome at their induction. Most of the students are employees’ children, but other students were also selected, in particular those who expressed a need for funding their studies. They were offered a wide variety of interesting assignments in communication, information systems, safety, geosciences, intellectual property and secretarial/administrative procedures.

To adapt to the current context, reconciling health imperatives and the Company’s desire to offer summer jobs to young people, the organizers and tutors had to be very flexible to provide the students with assignments that could be partially completed through teleworking. Each of the 64 students will also be issued with a laptop PC so that they can complete their tasks.

Their month spent at TotalEnergies will be an opportunity for them to develop their soft skills: drive, adaptability and autonomy. To provide extra added value to the students’ experience in the company, a partnership with the Adecco temping agency was organized to set up a résumé coaching workshop that students can attend on completion of their month’s work placement. They will receive advice from professionals on how to prepare for an interview, write a cover letter and make a successful entry into the world of work.

After the group was welcomed at the site entrance, the students made their way to the CSTJF auditorium for the induction, in compliance with applicable health protocols.

Everyone has their place

TotalEnergies also supports and advises students and qualified young people in their training and specialization pathways: internships, work/study contracts, international volunteer assignments, scholarships, funding for studies, sponsorship. Today’s students will shape tomorrow’s world. That’s why we are welcoming them to take part in systems created to help them pinpoint the training they need and gain a deeper insight into the energy professions. There are over 500 such professions, so whatever the students’ profile, they will find their place in a job to suit them, from industry through business to support services. Safety, processes, maintenance, geophysics, electricity, wind energy, biogas, LNG, Data Sciences, AI, robotics, simulation, marketing, cost control, finance, procurement, HR, communication and R&D, to mention but a few.

New this year, from May 17 to May 21, TotalEnergies organised a virtual forum dedicated to work experience to attract and hire talented young people. Seekube, a platform specialized in innovative job dating forums, was chosen to support the work/study campaign and provide candidates with the best possible virtual meeting experience. Online conferences were offered to participants: “IT at the heart of Total’s transformation” and "TotalEnergies' Climate Strategy". In total, more than 1,000 people registered, a hundred or so work-study offers were published and more than 130 interviews were held with our recruiters. This forum was also an opportunity to develop close ties with students and their schools.