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28/06/2022 News

For the common good: 13 associations gathered together at the Pau Site

  • Action! The TotalEnergies worldwide solidarity program gives employees the opportunity to devote up to three of their working days to citizenship initiatives in their territory.
  • Associations working for the common good in the priority areas covered by the Fondation, post initiatives on a dedicated platform.
  • On June 28, 13 local associations, active on the Action! platform, came to present their activities and challenges to employees at the CSTJF and PERL.

Last year, TotalEnergies brought its partner associations together in a patronage agreement: AJIR, Rebonds, Pistes-Solidaires, MJC Berlioz and Sciences odyssées, to thank them for their commitment and galvanize synergies among them. Winners of the call for partners in South West France, they are supported by our Company Fondation to encourage innovative projects to come to fruition locally, in the sector of inclusion and education for young people in socially vulnerable situations.

This year, the event was held on June 28 on the CSTJF campus in Pau and at the PERL in Lacq. The five partners under the patronage agreement were joined by a further eight, who cover the four priority areas privileged by the Fondation:


Coup d’pouce, La banque alimentaire, Le Conservatoire d’Espace Naturel, Ecocène, Anim’Ousse-Ere, OGFA, Elles Bougent and La prévention routière were chosen to join the TotalEnergies solidarity ecosystem in Béarn because they offer our employees the opportunity to take part in initiatives that have an impact for the common good on the Action! platform.

The day of exchanging and sharing ideas and perspectives was attended by the team in charge of Employee Commitment and Solidarity Culture in the Company, under the shade of the trees on the TotalEnergies campus in Pau and at the heart of the PERL site in Lacq. What is the objective? Encourage proactiveness and enthusiasm among employees, help them find out more about the Action! program, give them the opportunity of one-on-one meetings with the associations offering meaningful initiatives, have volunteers who have already taken part in the program talk about their experience, etc. 13 booths at the CSTJF and the PERL and as many possibilities of participating in solidarity actions to support our territory. Whether it’s for “Helping Hand” initiatives such as assembling furniture for refugees, making insect hotels for schools, or repainting the rooms in a home for people with reduced mobility, “Competencies” initiatives related to the professions of the employees in our broad energy Company, or “Sponsorship” initiatives where volunteers mentor young people as they make career choices and future projects, etc.

The event was a resounding success among employees and the different speakers and participants who welcomed many visitors to their booths to explain the challenges and projects and to recruit motivated volunteers willing to give up working hours on weekdays.

Rebonds! offers personal support for young people in difficulty as they start out in life, based on the values of sport, through a social and professional inclusion and education project that has been running since 2004.

Thanks to the three-year support from the Fondation TotalEnergies  it obtained as one of the winners of the 2020 Call for Partners in South West France, Rebonds! is extending its reach and using its know-how in new territories, the Tarn and the Hautes-Pyrénées. Following an in-depth study of the territory where it intends to work, the team identifies young people in socially vulnerable situations to have them join a rugby club and organize social and educational support.

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AJIR supports people undergoing social, economic and legal difficulties, and children under 18 placed in care for child protection reasons.

Thanks to the three-year support from the Fondation TotalEnergies it obtained as one of the winners of the 2020 Call for Partners in South West France, AJIR was able to set up the Aux portes de l'autonomie (‘On the threshold of independence’) project. This project helps continue to provide support for young migrants over the age of 18, so that they can continue their educational and social inclusion.

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The MJC Berlioz is a crucial part of social, cultural and economic life in Pau, its conurbation and beyond. It endeavors to promote a project and mainstream education approaches, which aim to enable everyone - both young people and adults - to be aware of their skills and capabilities, develop their personality, and prepare themselves to become active and responsible citizens in a thriving democracy.

Thanks to the three-year support from the Fondation TotalEnergies it obtained as one of the winners of the 2021 Call for Partners in South West France, the MJC (Youth and Culture Club) was able to grow the activity of its APRIORI.TV workshops, a local citizens media channel, produced by young people aged 14-25, supervised and trained by professionals, for the general public. 

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Science Odyssée is a Scientific Technical and Industrial Culture Center (CCSTI) in Pau, supported by Lacq Odyssée which is present in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques and the Landes departments. Its mission is to develop fascinating actions and projects among schoolgoers and the general public throughout the year.

Thanks to the three-year support from the Fondation TotalEnergies it obtained as one of the winners of the 2021 Call for Partners in South West France, Lacq Odyssée was able to deploy its activities, historically based in Lacq, to a new center in a priority area of the city: Sciences Odyssées in Pau gives schoolgoers and the general public access to scientific and technical knowledge.

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Pistes-Solidaires is an informal education association and promotes active methods in which education is considered as appealing, hands-on, and adapted to life outside school and in tune with the current issues in our world. Education for them is also about learning to weather a storm, become a responsible citizen, adapt to change, identify and resolve local problems with global causes, meet and respect other cultures and build a peaceful and sustainable society.

Thanks to the three-year support from the Fondation TotalEnergies it obtained as one of the winners of the 2021 Call for Partners in South West France, Pistes-Solidaires offers international voluntary experiences in educational and sociocultural sectors, intended for young people who have not succeeded in integrating the standard educational system or job market.

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Anim’Ousse-Ere is an association that brings together a group of scientists and citizens who work to preserve the waterways and streams in Pau, and in particular the river running through l’Ousse des Bois since 2009.

It undertakes awareness-raising actions among residents and schoolgoers living near the river, and among local communities the river runs through. It organizes numerous clean-up operations and events focused on finding out more about the river, and runs studies involving biological and chemical analyses to check water quality and conditions.

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The mission of the OGFA, Organisme de Gestion des Foyers Amitié in Pau, is to listen to social precariousness and exclusion problems, and to respond to them based on an unconditional welcome and support for people on the road to independence. 

It works in five main areas of activity:

- Protection of families and children. 
- Drop-in center for those in difficulty and organization of accommodation and inclusion.
- Mental illness/disorders.
- The procedures intended for asylum seekers, refugees and young foreigners waiting for acknowledgement of their status as a minor or acknowledged as minors (MNA - unaccompanied minors).
- Inclusion.

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Ecocène, on the verge of the scientific world, works to raise awareness of environmental challenges. As a specialist in mediation, awareness-raising and the organization of events, the association keeps abreast of issues regarding the relationship between society and the environment, and is always on the lookout for innovations and practical local initiatives.

For over 17 years now, the multidisciplinary team at Ecocène has been working with schools, companies and local communities. Employees and volunteers, experts and generalists, we are all motivated by a positive momentum, working toward a more sustainable world!

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The main ambition of Elles bougent is to ramp up gender diversity in companies in the industrial and technological sectors, where women are still in the minority in the workforce, in particular when it comes to technical jobs. Companies would like to see more women applying to work in these sectors.

Through the accounts of female sponsors, passionate about their jobs, Elles bougent informs high school and university students about the wide range of professional openings available to them after an engineering or technical degree. The association also raises awareness among parents and teachers, who play a crucial role in young women’s career choices.

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The Béarn and Soule Food Bank (BABS) fights against food waste and food insecurity.

The ambition of the Béarn and Soule Food Bank is to help people nourish themselves, both physiologically and psychologically. Providing food is also a springboard to social support and fighting against the isolation of the people who are taken in, and it’s a way of rebuilding self-worth.
Throughout the year, the BABS collects, sorts, and distributes foodstuffs to its 39 partner associations.

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Since 1990, the CEN Aquitaine has been contributing to the preservation of regional biodiversity by studying and implementing ecological management of natural habitats.

It has now become a key player in ecological diagnoses and the conservation of natural regional heritage sites. We also have a scientific partnership on the topic of studying biodiversity. (See this article).

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Coup d’Pouce was created in 2001 by citizens living in Lescar to help the most impoverished people in the municipality.

Today the association delivers foodstuffs to people in need, who live in one of the 14 villages around Lescar. Coup d’Pouce is a solidarity grocers and a member of the Béarn and Soule food bank. 

The associative project and purpose of  La prévention routière is to reduce the number and severity of road accidents, whatever the method of transport (cars, motorbikes, mopeds, bicycles, personal transporters (whether motorized or not), walking) and routes used (streets, roads, highways).

Created in 1949 and recognized as being of public interest in 1955, current mobility challenges are also guiding it toward more general social issues, from ecology through health & wellbeing, to inclusion.

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