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06/02/2024 News

L’Industreet: a student residence to welcome young people from all over France

  • Young people’s education and professional inclusion is one of the main priorities of TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation.
  • L’Industreet, is a campus for the industrial professions of the future, dedicated to young people who are unemployed, whether qualified or not, to help them integrate the world of work.
  • The inauguration of the student halls of residence is a further practical opportunity for young people from all the regions of France.

Three years after its opening, L’Industreet, the campus for training in industrial professions, designed and financed by TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation, has just opened Villastreet, its halls of residence for the students.  Just a stone’s throw away from the campus located in Stains in Seine-Saint-Denis, the halls comprise 74 individual studio apartments.

In a contradictory context where unemployment is high among young people and the industrial sector is experiencing difficulties hiring personnel – a regular problem expressed by the main players in the Lacq basin – it’s another barrier lifted enabling young people from the Béarn to benefit from the experience.

"We were immediately convinced of the advantage for young people (18-30) in our region to benefit from the opportunity; we called a meeting in June 2020 in Pau for our local partners working in the education and professional inclusion sector, to present the new school to them. The question of accommodation was soon raised, as a potential obstacle to being able to take advantage of the flexible, free and remunerated training courses, and benefit from innovative, customized teaching techniques, based on learning by doing. Today, that obstacle has been overcome, and it’s great news for our partners working to boost employment for young people and their beneficiaries," explains Isabelle Porterie, Head of External Relations at the Pau Site.


Training through "Learning by doing"

The principle is simple - learning by contact with the profession, by performing the same activities as professionals, but in an environment where students can try their hand at the job and make mistakes without any risks. The aim is to help young people fulfill their potential while training in a profession of the future. The training offer at L’Industreet currently comprises 10 courses in five different professional sectors: the digital factory, industrial inspection and compliance, automated production line, energy distribution terminals and robot-assisted multiservices.

Applying couldn’t be easier: Are you 18 - 30 years old? Is it your dream to work in an innovative sector, transforming with robotics and digital services? Do you want to learn through hands-on projects? If so, then L’Industreet, the campus for new industrial professions, is just the right place for you! To enroll at L’Industreet, no need for any qualifications, we are much more interested in how motivated you are! This is how applicants are welcomed on site: 

The campus is designed first and foremost for young people looking for alternative ways of training to build their professional careers. Once they have their qualifications in hand, the young graduates will enter the job market with a comprehensive set of technical, professional and soft skills to start out in the world of work. On completion of their training course, 85% of graduates sign a long-term contract or decide to continue their studies.