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23/11/2023 News

The realm of TotalEnergies in the Béarn region

  • Of the 5,000 TotalEnergies employees in Nouvelle-Aquitaine (the Company employs 35,000 in France) 3,000 live with their families in the Béarn region.
  • Locally, the Pau site has a major socio-economic influence and is committed to being a proactive player in sports, culture and citizenship activities.
  • Journalists from the Sud Ouest Béarn et Soule press office went back through the history and the latest news at TotalEnergies, in an extensive feature report that ended with a conference.

The TotalEnergies sites in Lacq and Pau are real technological showcases and receive many visits from international delegations, and yet the general public is still not familiar with these research centers, the new activities dedicated to the energy transition, and the Company’s cultural and citizenship commitments. What is the extent of TotalEnergies’ influence in the Béarn region? What is the extent of its influence in our territory? How are impatriates integrated (67 nationalities present at the CSTJF)? In which local actions is  TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation involved? ....Those are just some of the questions asked by the Sud Ouest editorial team. 

Thierry Renard, Head of the TotalEnergies site in Pau, which combines the two leading multi-energy technological excellence centers, the CSTJF and the PERL, readily agreed to the request from the team of journalists. They were given access to the Site and they were able to meet and exchange with employees and local sponsors and partners. "We are a dominant economic player in local life. Our development is inextricably linked to that of the Béarn region since the Lacq gas discovery in 1951 and I’m delighted that the press is interested in finding out more about who we are today. We have more than 2,500 employees on the Pau Site, either born and bred here, or who have adopted the region as their own, from the four corners of the world, and all enthusiastic specialists ready to take on the unprecedented technological challenges we are facing in the energy sector. Seizing this opportunity was also a way of letting them know more about our local history, and paying tribute to their professional and citizenship commitment," he explains. Our multicultural and multidisciplinary teams enjoy a remarkable quality of life in the Béarn region, nestled between the Pyrenees mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, but they are also very attached to investing their time and effort to keep the region alive, by getting involved as active or retired employees in different partnerships and positive impact citizenship activities.
Our history, our cutting-edge technology, our transformation, our human wealth and the diversity of our partnerships were some of the aspects Sud Ouest delved into in depth. So what did they come up with? 12 articles in a feature report to help readers better understand TotalEnergies' local roots, are available on the Sud Ouest website. On November 23, 2023 in the auditorium on the CSTJF site, journalists, public speakers and employees met to go back over the different topics and round off the series.