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17/08/2022 News

Summer jobs: TotalEnergies welcomes 91 young people

To give initial work experience to students from high-school diploma to Master’s degree levels; to give them a helping hand to finance their studies or their projects, or to simply enable them to discover the world of work and its unwritten codes. These are just some of the ways in which we can meet the expectations of the young people in our territory..

Young people and students suffered badly from the difficulties generated by the health crisis of the past two years, and welcoming them this year, as we do every year, for a month’s work during the summer vacations was more important than ever. 

This year, our employees welcomed 32 young people in June, 42 in July, and 17 in August on the Pau and Lacq sites. They included employees’ children and young people from outside the Company (young adults, students who have never held a contract with TotalEnergies and available throughout the period specified), some of whom came from the Pau Pyrenees local mission for young people in the frame of partnership relations set up with this structure in charge of social and professional inclusion.


A rewarding experience

One of them, Romain, was given a job in the Communication department at the Pau site. After the general induction meeting, Romain, like everyone else on arrival, was given a laptop to help him in his work. “The team in charge of the summer job campaign relies on all the departments of the CSTJF and the PERL to be able to offer these summer jobs, which really respond to the needs of young people living locally,” his tutor explains. “In our entity, it matters to us to offer them this opportunity, first because we know it’s important for the students and because we have tasks for them. We always try to mix activities to keep them interesting: archiving, updates, some tedious tasks, but interspersed with organization of events, meetings, and so on. Romain, the young man who was with us this year, was quite reserved and did everything he could to meet our requests. We took the time to talk to him to get to know his profile, his personality, his technical skills. In addition to the good quality work he did, it was a real pleasure to see him adapt and his behavior change to become more open. In his case – he’s looking for a vocational course – we also talked about how he could build a network and the importance of doing so; we encouraged him to take part in the résumé coaching and professional advice workshop open to all our summer workers. If a future employer calls me, I would definitely recommend him!” she concludes..

The month spent at TotalEnergies is also an opportunity for the young people recruited to develop their soft skills: energy, adaptability, and autonomy. To go even further and give added value to this new experience in the Company, our partner, Adecco, holds a session that will help them prepare for interviews, write a cover letter, a résumé, and so on, and secure their entry into the labor market. .


Room for all