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13/10/2020 News

Volunteers trained in using an innovative and participatory road safety awareness-raising approach in Pau

On October 13 and 14, 2020, a team of instructors hired by the Total Foundation came to Pau to support the deployment of the VIA program designed by experts in road safety.

VIA Global Road Safety Education via a new generation

The course was attended by 13 people from various associations in Pau (AJIR, MLJ, PEPS64), from the CFA BTP (vocational training center in construction professions) and by IDSR volunteers (road safety speakers for the Pyrénées Atlantiques department). They will be the specialists in charge of presenting the approach to young people.
The VIA road safety awareness program is designed for young people aged 10 to 18 and was kicked off by the Total Foundation in partnership with the Michelin Foundation. Its innovative learning format places young people in real-life situations around their school so that they can try out new behaviors and learn how to be proactive in ensuring their own safety.




Training specialists in educational communities

Worldwide, more than 227,000 young people under 20 are killed in road accidents each year. It’s the main cause of death for 15- to 17-year-olds and a real issue that concerns us all.
In May 2020, the initial presentation stage held at the CSTJF helped raise awareness among a group of local partners. The program and its approach were explained to the participants, all players in the areas of education and the social integration of young people. The project really appealed to the volunteers who attended this first event, and they put forward specialists to take part in the October session. The training course, which took place at the CFA BTP and at the Prefecture of the Pyrénées Atlantiques will be completed by a videoconference in November.

Young people actually play an active part in the program; they think about the risks they are faced with and the solutions they can provide. The method draws on the experience of young people and children, so the program is automatically adapted to them and to their age group. It’s really smart.” explains Damien. 
After completing the training course, the specialists will be able to work on the four two-hour modules based on learning through competencies (emotional, creative, social, etc.) rather than knowledge.
The long-term objective is for the program to be continued and become a permanent part of road safety awareness programs in the regions. Feel free to ask for further information. 




#Entreprisesengagées Pyrénées Atlantiques echoes the operation on its website: Find out the testimony of Gaëtan Galleteau

An online game to complete the VIA program

An interactive game has also been developed to raise road safety awareness among young people; it involves a quiz on the five means of transportation: walking, cycling, motorbiking, driving and public transportation. It gives a reminder of the general rules, provides information, and suggests best practices that can be adopted. Each question is classified by level, and a short explanation is given after each answer.
A game where everyone can test their knowledge and become aware of the risks. Share as much as possible with the people around you to make the road a safer place for all!

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