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At what actual depth does a reservoir lie? What are its dimensions? Which sedimentary layers hold the hydrocarbons? What quantity of hydrocarbons do they hold? To answer these questions, the affiliates call on the geosciences business lines. A historical competency at the CSTJF in Pau.

The geosciences chain comprises geo-information engineers, geologists, reservoir engineers and geophysicists. Their mission? To detect and locate reservoirs containing recoverable hydrocarbons worldwide, using unique in-house technological resources. The discovery and development of hydrocarbon reservoirs is based on the analysis and interpretation of oil & gas data.

  • The geoinformation engineers at TotalEnergies manage the entire data lifecycle:  acquisition, positioning, qualification, processing organization and retention. They build integrated reservoir models from data collected from seismic campaigns, geological surveys and wells.
  • Geologists are tasked with understanding and predicting how oil & gas basins work in time and space. The aim is to characterize the elements that comprise a petroleum system - the source rock which generates the hydrocarbons, the reservoirs in which they become trapped, and the reservoir caprocks - watertight ‘lids’ that keep them trapped at depth. Geology is a key discipline in the oil & gas industry, from acquiring acreage to production.
  • Next in the geoscience expertise chain, comes geophysics, one of the excellence hubs at the CSTJF. Thanks to seismic techniques that study subsurface acoustic wave reflection, geophysics is the first discipline to 
    "make the invisible,(i.e. the reservoir) visible". The data collected are used to produce 3D models of the envelope of the oil & gas traps and their internal architecture.

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In the future, the world will require more energy, but needs to reduce emissions. Geosciences have a key role to play in the energy transition and in helping the Company achieve its ambitions. Find out how we work at TotalEnergies and how, thanks to our amazing teams, Geosciences are blazing the transition trail today and are ready for the future!

Geoscience - Leading the transition today, ready for tomorrow