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Our employees tell us about their missions as volunteers

Julie, Geoinformation and Support Manager

“We held an Action! team building session with the OGFA (Organization for the Management of Foyers amitiés) association. It was an important mission as the aim was to refurbish the pony club of the OGFA’s Saint Joseph farm, where young children, underprivileged or with health problems, can ride ponies and form a special bond with the animals. We cleaned the stables, planted flowers and put a roof on the chicken run. We were all very proud of this day as we created a much warmer environment for the children, and thinking of their smiles down the line is the best gift ever. Carrying out Action! days enables us to get to know the associations, their everyday lives, hopes and difficulties, and above all make some wonderful encounters with dedicated people. I always learn from these experiences and each one is unique.”



Benjamin, OneTech Communication Manager

"The afternoon I spent with the MJC Berlioz as part of its Apriori.TV initiative gave me the opportunity to spend an enriching moment with young unaccompanied minors. I had to present my job to Amed, who wanted to work in digital marketing, and advise him on the different paths available. This interview is part of their series of job videos which both introduce volunteers to journalism and to different professions.
The Action! program and these types of assignments give us the opportunity to get out of our utopian working environment and face the reality of things. It is always a good time to share and it has a real positive impact on the associations and the beneficiaries as well as on the volunteers and the territory. If we can help someone, even if it's just a little, it's our duty to do so..."



Amélie, Intellectual Property Engineer

“I got into the habit of looking at the missions posted by associations on the digital platform Action! It's an opportunity to do things different from our daily work, which mobilizes other skills and especially allows us to be useful. I have chosen field actions.
The first, at the beginning of 2020, with the Conservatoire d'espaces naturels de Nouvelle-Aquitaine. On my working time, I went to Mesplède (64) to prune woody plants within the framework of the preservation of natural spaces in rehabilitation.
The second one, with Les amis de la chanson populaire, within the framework of the festival of current music L'été à Pau. I welcomed and guided the spectators at the Théâtre de Verdure in Pau, making sure that sanitary rules were respected. I was able to observe the considerable work of the backstage and all the logistics. Not to mention the great party atmosphere!
This type of mission meets my expectations perfectly: I discover, I create links, I give service and in this case, moreover, I have fun. I strongly advise my colleagues to try this experience, they will come out enriched from a human point of view and connected to local life”.