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Because every employee is also a citizen who is open to social issues, he or she should be able to get involved with the TotalEnergies Foundation's partners if he or she wishes. The Action! program gives each employee the time and means to act. All employees have the opportunity to dedicate up to three of their working days a year to solidarity missions, near their place of business.

Are you looking for volunteers in the South-West?

If you are a civil society organization working in the public interest, the Action! platform has been created to put you in touch with our employees from CSTJF and PERL. Associations of the South-West can post missions and TotalEnergies employees can apply to be volunteers, depending on their skills and aptitudes.

To submit a mission and find volunteers, visit

Our employees took on the challenge

Despite the health constraints, TotalEnergies' employees in the South-West have become increasingly involved thanks to a shift towards digital missions:
+50% increase in solidarity participation compared to the 2020 figures!

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Mission Conservatoire d'espaces naturels de Nouvelle-Aquitaine (CEN) and mission Les amis de la chanson populaire (ACP)

Amélie, Intellectual Property Engineer

“I got into the habit of looking at the missions posted by associations on the digital platform Action! It's an opportunity to do things different from our daily work, which mobilizes other skills and especially allows us to be useful. I have chosen field actions.
The first, at the beginning of 2020, with the Conservatoire d'espaces naturels de Nouvelle-Aquitaine. On my working time, I went to Mesplède (64) to prune woody plants within the framework of the preservation of natural spaces in rehabilitation.
The second one, with Les amis de la chanson populaire, within the framework of the festival of current music L'été à Pau. I welcomed and guided the spectators at the Théâtre de Verdure in Pau, making sure that sanitary rules were respected. I was able to observe the considerable work of the backstage and all the logistics. Not to mention the great party atmosphere!
This type of mission meets my expectations perfectly: I discover, I create links, I give service and in this case, moreover, I have fun. I strongly advise my colleagues to try this experience, they will come out enriched from a human point of view and connected to local life”.

Junior high-school internship mission in a priority educational zone

Stéphanie, Talent Development Manager

“Over the course of a week, several CSTJF employees worked with the students via Teams. They took turns sharing their knowledge of the company and the world of work, presenting their jobs and giving advice to the students on how to carry out their assignments. Their motivation? The desire to share their know-how with people other than Total employees, to pass on their knowledge and to feel useful, especially today when solidarity is essential. In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the employees have found, through this Action!, a way to share their experience and introduce young people to the company.”

Team building solidarity mission with the Association Jeunesse et Entreprises (AJE)

Hervé, Information systems Project Manager

“In the current economic climate, sharing our professional experience with students and helping them to realize their projects is always a pleasure. We discover their project, the way they approach it, and the discussion starts with a mutual listening, which raises many questions to better understand and understand each other. These exchanges are very interesting and often bring us back to our past experiences, and to the things we did more or less well and those that worked. Young people are our future and we have the duty to help them, to accompany them so that they are better equipped to start their professional life. The Teams Building Solidaire gives us the opportunity to do so.”

Focus on Action! missions

The range of missions available is very varied. The Elles bougent association proposes sponsorship actions. The MJC des Fleurs is looking for employees who can come and give presentations on their profession and their areas of expertise to members of the Job Social Club des Fleurs, a job-seekers’ network. The Organisme de Gestion des Foyers Amitiés (OGFA) asked a communication specialist at the CSTJF to run an audit of their digital tools.

Recently, with the Conservatory of Natural Areas in the Aquitaine region, around fifty employees from the Béarn region participated in clearing natural areas by cutting back vegetation and strimming in Pau, Arthez-de-Béarn, Ger and Lembeye. Our teams also helped the French National Forestry Office to re-open trails through the forest in Pau.

Other employees lent a hand to the AJIR association to relocate its outreach grocery store.

Destination patrimoine was able to benefit from valuable help to create and lead guided tours and to prepare the friche Laherrère an area of local wasteland to host the Festival Saragosse 365. Employees from the CSTJF got involved in organizing the Été à Pau event, led by the Amis de la Chanson Populaire, or the Hestiv’Oc festival with Accent du Sud or the Festival de Siros with Siros Bouts Dou Biarn.

The Comité 64 of the Road Safety association found volunteers to accompany a campaign to raise awareness among young people from the CFA BTP (a training center for professions in the construction industry) in Pau.

In 2019, the Cravate Solidaire motivated around twenty employees from the Béarn region to take part in its workshops to give a helping hand to jobseekers.

“As part of the Total Group's CSR commitment, all managers can set up a Team Building Solidaire (TBS) and involve volunteer employees in societal, social and environmental initiatives in partnership with associations,” explains Isabelle Porterie, coordinator of Action! for the South-West. In January 2021, some 50 employees took part in a TBS in partnership with the Association Jeunesse et Entreprises (AJE).