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Call for partners

The jury’s vote went to the AJIR from Pau/Gelos and REBONDS! projects from Toulouse after the first TotalEnergies Foundation call for partner.

The members of the jury, including Cécile Bechon, Head of the Employment and Valorization of Regional Competencies Service / Life in Urban Zones Division, City Policy and Employment in the Pau region, Bruno Courme, Vice President of the TotalEnergies Foundation program and Thierry Renard, representing the TotalEnergies group in South West France, were convinced by:

  • The project created by AJIR to continue providing administrative, educational and social support for young people over 18, as part of the program to support the inclusion of migrant minors by helping them to learn a trade (working as a network with France’s Apprentice Training Centers and local companies).
  • The REBONDS! project to roll out activity in new areas. The nonprofit association identifies young people in vulnerable situations so that it can give them the opportunity to join a rugby club and offer social support to guide them in their academic and career choices.

A committed partner


Becoming a TotalEnergies Foundation partner is not just about receiving financial support to set up or roll out a project. We also encourage our employees to give up to three days per year of their working time to take part in solidarity missions via the Action! program The teams from the Foundation and the CSTJF also provide support to associations: the webinar: “Making your digital transition successful: where should we start?” was attended by both new partner associations.

Cécile Bechon talks about the importance, for a region, of working in synergy with the different players that drive it. "Associations today must now systematically think about looking to private funds to launch a project and not just public subsidies; and also aim to be supported to ensure the sustainability of their initiatives. The Total Foundation call for partners is a local commitment in addition to the CSTJF’s CSR contributions in our labor pool.".

As a member of the jury, she particularly liked "The spectrum of the associations’ activity sectors, where education and inclusion projects are proposed for our young people is extremely varied: agriculture, sport, sciences, music and so on. I even found out about some new ones myself. It’s a reflection of the wealth in our local socio-economic fabric and of the commitment of its players."

The TotalEnergies Foundation call for partners

The call for partners, deployed nationwide, also proposes a local version with the exclusive implementation of a dedicated platform for South West France, now the first pilot region to test the system. It’s an opportunity to ramp up the deployment of the TotalEnergies Foundation on a regional scale, a move in line with the actions taken on a daily basis at the CSTJF to make sure that the site and its players are firmly rooted in the local ecosystem.

In total, nationwide and in South West France, 177 applications meeting the eligibility criteria were collected, and eight associations selected.

A new call for partners will be made in 2021.

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