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The corehouse of the Centre Scientifique et Technique Jean-Féger (CSTJF), receives cores from affiliates all over the world for analysis.
These cylindrical rock samples vary in length from 9 to 27 meters. They are sampled while drilling to detect hydrocarbons and confirm their presence.

Cores are unique and invaluable as they are the only parts of a hydrocarbon reservoir that can be viewed with the naked eye. They provide us with data on the petrophysical, geochemical and mineralogical characteristics of rocks – vital information for the successful development of our fields.

On average, more than one kilometer of samples is added to the CSTJF corehouse every year. Depending on the core type, our specialists develop customized technological and technical solutions using an array of state-of-the-art equipment. Objective: to deliver the best possible rock characterizations and extract their precious information!