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This page aims to guide you in using the website.


“The International Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) defines Web accessibility as follows:

Web accessibility means that people with disabilities can use the Web. More specifically, that they can perceive, understand, browse and interact with the Web, and that they can contribute to the Web. Web accessibility also helps others, in particular seniors whose abilities change as they get older.
Web accessibility covers all disabilities that can affect access to the Web, including visual, autidory, physical, speech, cognitive, and neurological.” The website has been designed to offer maximum comfort to people with disabilities.
Its services and contents (articles, images, videos, etc.) are therefore understandable by a maximum number of people and also by those with visual, auditory, etc., impairments.




The website contains 6 sections and each section is accessible from the main navigation menu:

  • Home page
  • Our site
  • Our expertise
  • Our commitment
  • Working with TotalEnergies
  • Practical information

Other browsing systems

  • A site map accessible via a link at the bottom of the page.
  • A search engine at the very top of the site.
  • A breadcrumb trail placed directly under the main menu to show you where you are and how you got to that page.


All text sizes are based on the use of relative units, which can be changed in most web browsers. This can be done by using the following methods:

Press “CTRL” and use the mouse wheel
Press “CTRL” and press the "+" key to increase the text size or the "-" key to decrease the text size
Use the browser menus: View > Text Size


However, given the dynamic and “living” aspect of this website (through regular updates), the visual attributes of certain information (color, contrast, etc.) could be momentarily degraded.
In this case, do not hesitate to inform us by contacting us at: [email protected].

We are committed to making this site available to all Internet users, regardless of their physical, cognitive, material or geographical situation.

Please contact us if you notice that a page does not meet this criterion.