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28/10/2022 News

The 2022 Science Fair with Planète Energies

  • With over 80,000 visitors each month, Planète Energies is the reference website on energies for primary and secondary school students and their teachers.
  • This TotalEnergies Foundation initiative is designed to help young, and not so young, people to better understand energy issues and raise their awareness of green habits.
  • In Pau, TotalEnergies employees-lecturers welcomed the Planètes Energies team on their campus and then went on to the Hameau stadium for an activity organized for the young supporters of the Section Paloise.

This year, for the Pau Site of TotalEnergies, the Science Fair took place in two stages, the first being the visit of the Planète Energies team to the Béarn region for two action-packed days, on October 14 and 15.

Planète Energies provides students with more than 500 types of content in French and English – videos, games, computer graphics, feature reports, and so on – to help them complete and revise their lessons or prepare a presentation on energies. Teachers also have a dedicated space which gives them free access to educational resources to supplement and illustrate their lessons. Through this space, they can also book free classroom conferences. In Pau, in the Béarn region, and in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department, the conferences are given by TotalEnergies employees. They give talks to the students focusing on three firm beliefs:

  • Energy is at the heart of human development: access to health, food, education, safety, wellbeing for all the world’s inhabitants, in developed and emerging countries alike, hinges on its availability for all. Without energy, there would be no running water, no hospitals, no schools, no homes, no means of transport.
  • Energy is precious and we must use it wisely: everyone at their own level has a role to play in building a responsible energy future, one that is environmentally friendly and respects the rights of the most vulnerable populations. Governments, businesses, and citizens must be aware of their responsibility in environmental sustainability and protection.
  • Knowledge and research drive progress: progress is not an outdated notion. To believe in the future, we need to convey an optimistic vision of innovation and progress. Developing young people’s taste for sciences can therefore possibly inspire them to get involved in scientific disciplines.

Providing the keys to understand all energies

The ambassadors of the system, Karen Hollington and Aurélie Dumaire, came to visit the employee-lecturers for a half day in order to update the content of the website and support material used in the conferences in schools. The following day, a Planète Energies stand was set up at the Hameau stadium for an activity with the Section Paloise Béarn Pyrénées Rugby of which TotalEnergies is the major partner.

Children and their families came to spin the energy wheel and play the green habits card game to test their knowledge and learn all about the different themes, such as distinguishing between renewable and non-renewable energies. For the older high school students, the aim was to imagine the mix of the future to tackle the major energy issues. The objective is to raise young people’s awareness of energy issues and help them become eco-citizens who are proactive in their daily lives. A key message: all types of energies are precious and need to be saved. Our shared objective is to protect the planet!


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The Science Fair is an annual event to promote scientific culture created by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation during which thousands of free activities open to all, including primary school goers, junior high and high school students, are organized around the theme of global warming.


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