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05/02/2024 News

Local sponsorship - meeting with our partner associations

  • At TotalEnergies, young people (12-25 years old) in vulnerable situations underpin our commitment, which is inextricably linked to the principles of our Corporate Foundation.
  • We want to incorporate initiatives in the sectors of career management, training, and professional inclusion as part of the "creating partnerships" momentum, which is essential when it comes to solidarity.
  • In Pau, we gathered together our local partners under sponsorship agreements, to present the latest  partners, celebrate their public interest initiatives and foster synergies.

Being a local player is about contributing to the local fabric at all levels and building a strong, united relationship with the immediate environment. At local level, TotalEnergies is involved in various solidarity actions to foster the "creating partnerships" dynamic, to support and deploy positive impact projects to help young people. We firmly believe that they are both the future of local areas and the key to making them thrive. One of the ways to help young people reveal their talents, take their future into their own hands, and play a structuring role within society, is to support the partners who have taken this initiative to heart.

On February 03, 2024 the associations gathered in the warm, welcoming atmosphere of one of the boxes at the Stade du Hameau during the match Section/Castres. In turn, they each presented their missions, challenges and projects to Jérôme Poncet, the new Head of the TotalEnergies Site in Pau. The attending associations included:

  • AJIR et Rebonds, from the very first call for partners in South West France in 2020.
  • Pistes Solidaires, Lacq Odyssée and MJC Berlioz, selected in 2021.
  • Drop de béton, National partner since 2022.
  • Parcours jeunes and UDAF65, winners of the 2023 JIMP’ACT call for partners. On this occasion, they took their first steps in the Pau Site partners’ community, after having been invited to meet the TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation teams in Paris. 

Enthusiastic, fruitful discussions ensued, all the more so that the associations were all chosen for projects covering young people’s career management, training and professional inclusion. Everyone gave their undivided attention to each presentation, and all the guests expressed their appreciation for this meeting format, which helps people get to know one another and is conducive to the creation of possible connections between the different initiatives.
Jérome Poncet was delighted with the event, which enabled him to get to know the different speakers. He was able to spend time with each  of them, and reiterated the Company’s firm beliefs when it comes to solidarity: "Over and above socio-economic achievements, we are responsible for creating value locally, to support the areas where we are present. At TotalEnergies, young people are at the heart of our convictions, and we are proud to support you."

Initiatives that aim to give the most vulnerable young people the means to fulfill their potential, is the core of all the actions backed by the TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation in France. Becoming a  partner and part of the community is not just about receiving financial support to set up or roll out a project. It’s also about capitalizing on the availability and competencies of our employees, who can give up to three working days per year to volunteer for public interest initiatives (Action! program). It’s also about growing together and learning from each other in a climate of co-construction, based on local support customized to suit specific requirements.